Ministry of Herring and Vodka

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from PLN 75,000

in 12 months

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Proven business plan

39 pubs in Poland

Clear rules

Initial fee

PLN 3,000

Franchise fee

PLN 1,075 per month

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Patented brand + know-how

franchise support from the moment of signing the contract and throughout its duration

managing the fan page and website for the entire duration of the contract, including the assistance of graphic designer

interior design of the pubs and solutions to minimise decorating costs

advertising and marketing campaigns – leaflets, posters, vouchers

cooking and customer service training

support in planning the delivery of goods

assistance with technical projects

periodic professional bartending training

assist in the selection of place

branded gadgets signed with the logo of the Ministry of Herring and Vodka during the entire term of the contract

discounts /for the chain/ from suppliers for the entire range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

A part of the decoration of the pub – pictures, plaques, neon signs and outdoor advertising on the building

access to the mobile app of the Ministry of Herring and Vodka

at the request of the pub owner, we send our best employee to train the pub team according to the chain's standards for 1-2 weeks

membership of a franchise forum

Some words about franchising

A long, long time ago... Herring was supposedly an object of worship to which magical power was ascribed... At the Ministry of Herring and Vodka in Gliwice so it is to this day. We are a place where you can eat herring in a variety of ways. The menu is short and simple. Apart from herring, we also serve traditional bar snacks: jelly, bread with lard and pickles. In addition, we always have well-chilled vodka and music from the 80s, which gives the place a specific atmosphere.

We know that from the very beginning we have hit the mark with our customers' tastes and preferences. This is evidenced by the fact that they often return to us with their friends. As a result we have created a thriving brand that ensures profitability and a quick return on investment. Herring, two shots and jelly ensure you a good time, from dusk till dawn!

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Open your own pub with a proven idea!

Ministry of Herring and Vodka

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